Monetary Concepts Developed in Babylonia and Persia


Did you know that the concept of insurance actually goes back to the early human civilization? In fact, certain practices in Persia and Babylonia actually come close to the idea or notion of insurance today! Wherever economy ran using non-monetary or natural sources, insurance was in the form of agreements for mutual aid. For instance, … [Read more…]

Xerxes I – The True Story


Yes, you know that name thanks to modern era cinema and 300 – the Movie in particular (which is now past its popular culture peak, with most copies sitting in urban storage units and attics everywhere). But is that what Xerxes I was? He is actually Ahasuerus, a Persian King recorded in the Book of Esther. … [Read more…]

Theology of Zoroastrianism

Mideast Iran Zoroastrians

There is only one supreme, transcendent and universal being or god in Zoroastrianism and the name given to this entity is “Ahura Mazda”. The name derives itself from two different words in the Avestan Language. Ahura meaning “Being” while Mazda meaning “Mind”. According to Zoroaster, the founder of the religion – Ahura Mazda is most … [Read more…]